Side Winder Mini/Max - MAX 1-Pack / WHITE - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Side Winder Mini/Max - MINI 1-Pack / WHITE - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Side Winder Mini/Max - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Side Winder Mini/Max - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Side Winder Mini/Max - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Side Winder Mini/Max - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
iPhone charging cords wound up and plugged in
Man typing with headphones organized on desk
small cable winder on clean desk
Side Winder Mini/Max - MINI 1-Pack / BLACK - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Side Winder Mini/Max - MAX 1-Pack / BLACK - Cable Winder - Fuse Reels
Two small white cord managers and reels for taking cables with you
Two Small Black Headphone winders for corded headphones and wires
Large White cable organizers for traveling and School
Two Large Black Cable and Headphone Winders

Side Winder Mini/Max

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Wind your earbud cables easily and keep them tangle-free and organized. The Side Winder Mini winds cables 1-5 feet in length and the Max organizes cables 1-8 feet long. Keep your charger portable and headphones organized on-the-go in the Side Winder Mini and Max cord winders.


Organized Traveling backpack with cable management products
Messy and Unorganized Business backpack with Apple Cables

Organize all of your cables from 1-8 feet in length. Keep your desk clean, and your your drawers organized with the Mini and Max


Easily wind your cables with the extremely simple open design. Don't get caught up in a hurry.


The Side Winder Mini and Max feature the patent-pending 'SNOTCH' cable latch. The Snotch locks your cables into place and keeps them safe from damage

Customer Reviews

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Perfectly serviceable, but...

Although this product works exactly as advertised, it was ultimately of limited utility. First and foremost, this is advertised as a product specifically designed for the Mac headphones that used to come with all their products. Except…the spacing of the openings to wedge the cord was not ideal for that particular product. You either had to leave a great deal of the cord dangling off or yank so tight as to worry you could damage the internal wiring. Additionally, it was necessary to unspool entirely to reach the other end of the headphones unless you used some sophisticated twirling method at the outset that provided for access to both ends simultaneously. This meant that I ended up with the headphones and this item separately at the bottom of my bag. I already had the headphones at the bottom of the bag and this device was expected to improve that but instead it became just another thing floating in the bottom.

Like I said, the quality and fairness with what was advertised were fine, but the device was not as useful as I had anticipated because it had shortcomings that were not apparent until I was actually using the device. If your only purpose for purchasing this is to tidily store headphones and not access them often, this product will be great.


I have several products from Fuse Reel. Their products are great and keep my cables neat and organized.


I need these for other short power cords.