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The Side Winder allows you to wind & store your MacBook charger in under 5 seconds. The Side Winder is compatible with the 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W and 87W Chargers.

#1 Funded Kickstarter MacBook Accessory of 2017!

1600% funded

$320,000 pledged

7029 backers

The Problem

The MacBook charger has a 1.5 star rating on

It is bulky, clunky, hard to store, and is

damaged extremely easily

The First Ever MacBook Charger Reel

The Side Winder is the best MacBook accessory. It’s perfectly designed for every MacBook user that is looking to organize, protect, store their charger.

Wind any MacBook charger in less than 5 seconds while organizing your charger cords and eliminating cable fray.

  • Adjustable

  • The Side Winder keeps the cables organized from 12 inches to 12 feet.


The Apple-esque design allows The Side Winder to slip easily into the smallest backpack pockets


Winding the cables allows for easy and fast organization


The patent pending design eliminates cable fray, a common problem among MacBook chargers

What are customers saying?

“Never want to go back to the old way of winding my charger” -CURTIS BROWN

“Best idea ever!” -LAURA EREKSON

"I have participated in many Kickstarter products, but yours is the one I'm really excited about!" -KIM O.