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Super gadget

It was a gift for my son. He was very happy. Great for daily use.


A very practical solution to an everyday problem. No more messy cables!

Great space saver

Keeps my cord compact and easy to use.


This is a great gadget! It arrived quickly and was exactly what it was advertised. It keeps the cord tidy and compact :) Thanks!


I love my Mac but hate my power cord. It was always a jumbled mess in my bag and it always stressed me out. It didn’t take much to convince me to try the Fuse Reel. I am so glad I did. It keeps my cord tidy and makes room for everything else in my bag. I’m so happy I have it.

Best idea ever

I bought three reels. Two for me and one for my mom. They are easy to use and help protect the cords from damage.

Love it


This is so great! It really helped me with transporting my macbook cord.

Love it!

Finally my cord isn’t a big mess!! Thank you!! Will be ordering another one!


I gave this as a gift over the 2018 holiday season and the recipient loved it!

Works great!

I bought this for my son. What a difference! It's still good after a month. I am ordering another.

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

My Fuse Reel Review

Great product and works really well!

The convenience us unmatched.

The reel makes transporting and using the charger so effortless. One of the best computer accessories I've purchased on the market.

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease


This is exactly the item I was searching for to tame my wild Mac cords! Thank you!

Great Product!!

Bought this for my wife for Christmas. She is a devoted Apple fan and her charging cable is always in the way. With the Fuse Reel her cable is neat and easy to stow in her bag.

It can bunch up at times while unwinding but works well over all.

Not as impressed as I thought I'd be sadly

The second cable (provided) doesn't work with my MacBook Pro (nor my husbands) so that is pointless. It also doesn't reel and stay in as easily as I expected it to. Hopefully improvements can be made in the future because the concept is great.

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

Amazing concept, even better in real life

Gifted this to my boyfriend as he is in medical school and always on the go. He's gone through THREE MagSafe chargers in the past 1.5 years, so I knew there would be a product out there with a solution. The Side Winder popped up in an Instagram ad and it was fate. I didn't even hesitate to purchase it, and I'm so glad I gifted it to him. Out of all of his birthday presents, this is the one that he won't stop talking about and uses at least four times a day. The instructions clearly tell you how to put it apart and at the price point, it's pretty much a must-have. Great product.

Love it!

It was very easy to follow instructions for assembly and placing the cord inside. It works great! It’s the one thing I hated about apple and now that’s gone!!

Love it

I could never find a convenient or consistent way of wrapping my charger up before I purchased this since both cords are just so long and the box is so bulky. I'm so thankful I bought this because now I no longer have to worry about my cord getting tangled!

Really Useful, Saves Time and Charger

I've been using this for a bit under a month and I would recommend anyone who spends time untangling and putting their MacBook Air or Pro charging cables away to try this out. The construction feels a bit less substantial than I would prefer, but has stood up and I expect to get significantly more time out of it than what I paid.


Best device for my charger! Love every minute using it! Can't wait to travel with it.