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The Snap Back 29/30W
Patrick Thauvette

Would be better if it was a reel


These reels are perfect!!

Great product

Great product! So much so I bought another.

Side Winder - MacBook Charger Winder

2 year update

Its been 2 years since I first got the sidewinder, it has accompanied me through university, business, travel, and way more. I have rarely made the effort to post a review 2 years after the purchase, but even after dropping and winding the product almost daily, I have to report 0 ZERO issues! What a great product! especially for those that are constantly moving around, it allows oneself access to charging from next to you all the way to (unsure how many) meters away. Have not considered any other options in these 2 years and will remain a happy customer for hopefully years to come!!

simple and effective

the missing piece for every portable wall adapter. build quality appears solid and installation was fast and easy.


I love organizers, and this one is pretty great. It saves a bunch of time versus coiling up the charger by hand.

Great product

Really love my sidewinder and great customer service from fuse!

Easy to move and clean up

Got the side winder and it is incredible. Instead of trying to wrap up each cord individually I can pick up the side winder and put everything in my bag easily. Thanks!

Side Winder - MacBook Charger Winder

Side Winder Mini/Max
Matthew Pompey Sr
Just what I needed!

I bought several of these to de-clutter my drawer where I keep my wires, chargers and anything to do with my devices. I was so sick and tired of untangling them and having them break from bending too much or catching in the drawer slides.
Great devices and I highly recommend them. Very good quality and they metch the quality of my I-Products.

Have Been Wanting One For Years and Now Love it!!!

My roommate had a fuse reel during the year I lived with her. Her charger was clean and pristine compared to mine that had been wadded in my backpack and drug across the floor countless times. Now I have my fuse reel and am loving it! I feel like my life is in order LOL

The Side Kick
Jim Seasly
Great accessories! Add them to “must haves!”

Managing cables is soooo much easier. Love my Fuse Reel for my MacBook Pro.

Great products!

They keep all my cables organized well.

Very useful

This reel helps keep my macbook charging wore in place. Great for organization-minded people.

The Side Kick
Helen O
Return Customer - Pleased again

With apple continuously taking away more and more functionality from their products, it's a relief to add cord organization back to my charger. The affordable Side Kick is working great and keeps me sane when traveling with my work computer.

Side Winder Mini/Max


Must-have accessory

If you carry around your Macbook Pro power supply, you need a Fuse Reel cable organizer. It is by far the best solution for managing every part of the power supply, including the brick, the Macbook feed cable, and the input cable.

Watch Side Winder - Apple Watch Winder

Snap Back 29/30W

Customer service very available and helpful. Even though I would prefer the Side Winder (not compatible), the Snap Back is still very effective. I would definitely encourage purchasing from FUSE!!!!
Side note - the Side Winder is sooooooo great :)

Side Winder Mini/Max
Frank Schiro

Side Winder Mini/Max

The Side Kick
Pete Torres
Side kick pro

Very easy to install and very compact on my charger.



quality and compact

Quality offering in a compact package. Wishlist: A Fuse reel for the smaller apple power bricks would be awesome.

Great product

Great stuff. Got one for my computer, iPad and apple watches . Just be mindful that the Apple Watch one doesn’t fit the newest model . I might have missed that in description.