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Quick and easy

Easy to grab and go

Perfect Storage

This little device seemed too good to be true, but it does exactly what it is meant to do with no problems. Awesome product!

Amazing product

It's super cool to keep you Mac cabel intact without any hasel kudos to the team at FUSE for the wonderful product 🙌

Pure Perfection

This design is so ingenious, so perfectly crafted for the Mac power cord, it should have been designed by Apple. I hope they're paying attention...this is what perfect design is all about.

Literally wonderful!

Good grief this thing is so perfect I’m just annoyed that Mac doesnt offer these things when you purchase a computer... thank you Fuse reel for brilliantly solving a major annoyance/problem with Mac chargers!!

Great product!

Love the Reel it saves me time when packing up my charger!

Great gadget to have in your bag.

This thing saves me so much time and headache when it's time to charge my laptop while I'm working from it at a coffee shop, or even just at home! The convenience of being able to wind and unwind is so much simpler than wrapping/unwrapping, coiling/uncoiling, etc. And now I don't have a big snake of loose wires in my backpack. All neat & tidy. If you simply value function, or you maybe struggle with minor OCD like myself, this is an absolute must!

Works exactly as advertised

Not much to say except it does what it says it does and I finally have a compact organized way to store my MacBook Air charger. Love it and highly recommend!

Love the simplicity

I like that this is such a neat and tidy solution to the charger cord. It fits in my bag so nicely when I have to take my computer with me, too. I think they'd make an awesome gift as well, I may need to get a few more for my friends and family.



Essential for my freelance work!

As a freelance designer working for different clients, I carry quite some stuff around (MacBook, drawing tablet, keyboard and lots of cables). So I need to keep my backpack organized. After putting all my bits and bobs in cases, I realized that only my MacBook charger was still getting tangled up in my backpack. The Sidewinder looked like the best solution...and it is!!! No more cable mess in my backpack, and I keep amazing Mac users around me every time I roll out my charger cable. Really happy with this!

Sooo good!

The Side Winder Fuse Wheel is the best accessory every laptop/MacBook user should have. It's simple to use and even easier to store.

Very satisfied

Does very well what it is made to do.

Keeps adapter cords neat and safe

While it does seem to need a fairly slow pulling action to safely unwrap cords and it does take longer than five seconds to wrap them up, I believe the Side Winder Fuse Reel will help maintain the health of the cords for my power adapter while keeping my backpack less chaotic.

Cable mess be gone!

Great product just need to make a pretty set of labels, the black on white stickers ruin the slick look of the product.

Quick and easy to wind up and pull in cables, frees up a ton of mess in my travel bag.

Allright but not great

great concept but misses some details. The Powerplug side of the cord stays in place very nicely since its too big to fit trough the winder. on the laptop connection side it keeps slipping trough which causes me to end up with two cords on one side. because of that the cords dont roll out as nice as they should.
Also the stickers used on the weel do not come of nicely, glue residue in several spots. Therefore it looks old/dirty even if its just 2 weeks since i unboxed it.


I love the product. It is so easy to carry around instead of jumbling it up and trying to fit it into your bag. Love the effectiveness of it.

My 3rd side winder

I backed this when it was still a kickstarter project as I saw just how useful it would be for traveling, and got 2 of them for my macbooks.
I just received a new macbook for work, and this was the first thing I went and ordered for it.
Absolutely brilliant in it's simplicity, yet invaluable when you travel.

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

Exactly what I need

I’m not one to leave customer reviews, but this thing is 10/10. I’ve had to deal with my laptop charger tangling everything in my backpack, and this is the exact thing I was hoping existed. Great stuff

Works As Advertised!

This product is a great way to store that annoying long and tangled Macbook cord. It works as advertised. Super easy to set up. I am a big fan.

Awesome Product

I absolutely love my Side Winder Fuse Reel! It keeps my charger cables from being all over the place and allows me to conveniently take my charger anywhere I need to go with my laptop. Great product!

Exactly what I needed

I would just shove my Macbook cord into my computer bag and when I would open it up it would jump out at my like the surprise snake in beer nuts can gag gift! I eventually ruined a cord that way. The Fuse Reel is the answer to my problem! It fits perfectly in to my computer bag and keeps the cord safe and neat. I love this product. It is easy to wind up. It can be hard to unwind at first but that could be because my cord has seen better days. Thank you for developing the perfect product for our Macbook cords!

Game changer!

I am mobile and have to wind my cord daily. The sidewinder not only makes packing up and setting up quicker, it keeps me cords lean and clean in transit. Thank you!


I bought this for my sister. She works from home and will sometimes go to coffee shops or the library to work as well. She loves her reel and how easy it is wind up and toss in her bag. She’s had it for a few weeks now and has had several people ask her where she got it. Thanks for a great product!