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Tangled mess, No more!

As technology expands making our collective lives "easier", amassing the myriad of cords that accompany the various devices is a total headache! The Side Winder by Fuse truly cures that particular ill! Easy to setup, no bulk, no tangles, no fuss! Many thanks for a product that does indeed make life easier!

Clever product

Definitely recommend this missing M1 Macbook air power adapter component.

Where has this done all my life?

Awesome products.

Great Storage Solution

I love this. I have been on a kick with organizing and decluttering the many wires required for devices. The Fuse Reel was super easy to ensure it fit my charger and took maybe a total of a couple of minutes to wind up. I do not have to worry about the cords just flailing around where ever I store my charger. Also, winding up means I will not damage the wire coating and create a fire hazard (i.e. my last charger cord). I highly recommend this product.

Convenient solution for usually tangled charging cables.

Easy Carrying!

It's nice to have my charger all in one organized space now! I used to hate digging in my backpack and the wires getting caught on everything. Problem SOLVED

Awesome and conveneint tool!

Really easy to use and super quick to set up. Great storage and travel tool for the long charging cord!

Great Product

Really helpful and useful product. Would be interested in a button activated release version of the product in the future.

Works great! Best way to carry you charger

Great product, well made and a perfect solution for managing unwieldy charger.

amazing products

I have used for years, work amazing, keep cables organized perfectly.

Great product

My laptop charger was always in the way and getting kinks and scratches. Had to replace it twice since I’ve had my MacBook. But the reel is making life so much easier.

Really good but still room for improvement

This is my second one. Used the first one for almost 3 years (if memory serves) until it would no longer wind. I’m sure the plastic wore down and it finally decided it had had enough. In fairness, it earned its retirement. It reeled in a lot of chord. My ONLY complaint is the fact that the usb-c that plugs into my Mac seems a little loose and sometimes loses connection when it gets jostled a little. Again, minor complaint. Still my favorite chord management system but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Not what I expected

I thought it would work differently. I have an idea to make this product much better. Reach out :)

Great product.

Makes up fo Apple’s oversight.


Received my Fuse Reel and it works really well! The instructions provided were easy to follow and the Reel keep my power cord nice and tidy!

Side Winder - MacBook Charger Winder

Works like a champ.

I was so very tired of wrapping my MacBook charger - this really solved my dilemma. Now when I pull it out of my backpack, it's all nice and neat. No more tangled cable(s). Should protect my investment for years to come.

Good but not great

Using it for my MacBook Pro is awesome. But.... I made the assumption that it would also work on the iPad charger brick. Nope. And that sticky is STUCKY ! So, once I got it off the iPad charger, I had to just toss it.

Neat Cables on the desk and on the go!

Great product! Keeps my son’s computer cables nice and neat on the desk and when traveling. Fast winding of wires, wind wires to desired length, no wires all over the floor being stepped on and damaged, white wires stay clean. Will be buying another for me soon!

Nice products

They are so awesome and usefull

Needs More Capacity

The standard 2m USB-C Apple cords are too long to wind up properly, and the 1m cords are too short to fully utilize this, especially the one sent with the Reel. Therefore, just a little bit more capacity would be ideal, especially if someone is considering using a 3m or 10ft charger cord. 

Additionally, an auto wind function would be PHENOMENAL. I understand this is completely different but I would definitely pay more for a spring loaded Reel that wound itself. 

Fantastic product

Works as advertised, made storing/transporting my charger so much easier! Used with 96w MacBook Pro charger

Where has this gizmo been all my life?

Thank you for creating a sanity-saving device, demystifying the Mac power supply...

It works

Iv had it for a week now. It's a convenient tool keeps cord neatly put away. I did notice that it could be kind of hard to unwind. I'm hoping the wire included last awhile seems cheaper than the apple product.

Essential Product

Easy to install and really well made product!