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Simply Genius

Should have been made year's ago. Genius

Fantastic product!

I surprised my wife with this item because she doesn’t like her Mac charging cable all wild in the drawer. Now it’s nice and neat and easy to use.

Cord was stubborn at first

I have had my 15” 2015 MacBook Pro for 4 years now and the cord had a mind of its own. It didn’t want to conform to the sidewinder at first but after being wound up in it a couple of weeks now it works great!

Great purchase

I loved it so much, I gave the one I had to my niece and I bought another one for myself.

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

Worth the money!

Great cord management! We especially like it for traveling.

Works exactly as I expected

Can't believe I haven't found this product sooner. I have multiple power cables for 2 different MacBooks and it's always a pain in the arse to travel with the clunky cabling. Now everything is clean and easy to move around with it. Highly recommend for anyone who's sick of the messy cabling.

Love it!

This thing truly is awesome! I absolutely love it! It is made well and works great! It’s so easy to unwind and hook up my laptop. Then when I am done, just a few short twists and pop it goes in my bag! This is a great investment.

Excellent means of controlling the cords

Awesome Product

I really like this product because it simplifies things so much for me. Before I would hate whenever I had to go to a cafe and tangle and untangle my power cord, but now I can just wind and unwind it and it makes things so much more simple. I really like it!


My wife and I both have one of the side winders and we love them! They save space and they are so well organized!
Awesome! Best Buy I ever made!

This thing really works

Was skeptical, but tired of shoving my laptop chRger in my bag only to find it tangled. But this really works!

Works great!!

The Side Winder works great! It makes ease of use out of storing and using the power cord. Get one!

Life saver

I got the side winder for myself and some family who travel all the time. This makes packing so much more convenient. And I can use it anywhere since I can determine cord length. It’s easy to use and fits just about anywhere. Do recommend.

Order Restored

The MacBook power set up is problematic at best. Easy to damage, inconvenient at times, and a mess to deal with because of the amount of space it takes up in my bag. The Sidewinder relegates all of that to the past. Order restored. Thanks!!

My fuse

The fuse organizes my MAC power cord, but isn’t as smooth as I thought it would be. Overall I’m still happy with the purchase.

Who would have thought?!

great product! Love how organized it keeps my charger when packed in my backpack or small travel bag. Highly recommended!

Fantastic Product

I have been waiting for something to help
Me manage my Mac cord. The side winder is absolutely perfect. It is easy to use and does
Exactly what it promises.


Bought it for my Dad because he travels a lot with his MacBook Pro. He loves it!

Why did I wait?

After thinking about buying in the past, I finally followed through. Works great. My computer bag is much less cluttered. Neat and attractive in use.

Love it

Very convenient and I use it all the time

Excellent Product

Good quality product that provides the perfect solution to a long time problem with the Apple MacBook Pro chargers. Keep up the good work !