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Works as Advertised

This is a great solution for carrying the power cord and extension in one compact format. The directions are clear, it assembled easily, and fits comfortably in my laptop bag. And yes, it winds and unwinds quickly and easily. Highly recommended.

Wish I had this years ago!

Why has Apple not made a solution already to the cord problem. Love the fuse reel!


My chord was always getting tangled, this helps keep it organized and easy to pack up when I'm on the go!

Fixed a broken adapter

I have been using multiple velcro cable wraps since one of the fold out wings on the adapter broke. This was in addition to the tie that I had to use on the long power cable, basically making a mess whenever I took my laptop with me. As soon as I started to use the side-winder, my struggles with the cables were gone. It is a little bulkier than the adapter prior to the clip breaking, but now everything is perfectly neat when I put it into my bag. I am very happy with the side-winder!

Solid product on the way to being great

The Side Winder Fuse Reel solves a major problem with the MacBook power cord - how the hell do you store and transport it without it being a giant freaking jumble of annoyance? I bought two of these, one for my desk and one for my laptop bag's extra cord. The one in my laptop bag works perfectly, helping store my extra cord in less space. The one on my desk is nice to help wrangle the cord, but I wish there was a way to unwind just one portion of the cord instead of both at the same time. That would likely require a complete redesign, as it works by winding/unwinding both ends of the cord at the same time. I would prefer to have a small portion of the MagSafe end out and a longer portion of the power cord to keep the Side Winder on my desk. Since both unwind together, I have to unwind much of both cords and keep the Side Winder on the floor. That's not a huge deal, but it would be a great product if it could unwind each of these separately.

Much nicer than a pile of wires!

I've been using the reel for a week now and it's made my moving to multiple office spaces much easier! I plan on buying a few as Christmas presents for a few co-workers!

Awesome Invention Of The Year

Finally, my MacBook Pro looks organized. It has looked messy for years...

Great product!

Fixes where Apple went horribly wrong. This is a game changer when dealing with your power supply.

Love it!!

It’s nice not having my charger cords all tangled up every time I take it out of my bag! It’s a nice size to slide into my bag and not take up too much space. The only thing that is kind of awkward is how you have to hold it to pull the cords out. I don’t really know how to fix this issue, but it’s almost like you need a third hand to hold the reel while you pull from both sides! But overall, it’s definitely worth getting!!

It just works, which is refreshing.

Had them a few weeks now, no complaints. Folks see them and want to know how to get one. Great protection from our Roomba which has eaten more than its share of Mac cords. I’m a fan.

Needs work but good concept.

This reel is BIG and heavy. If you are traveling with it in a laptop bag or something it might not fit. Also the USBC cable that comes with it is a very tight fit on my 2018 MBP. The plastic also feels cheap and could break.

It's a great concept but could use a bit of work to make it more travel friendly. I'd pay more for a lighter / metal version.

Great product.

Works great but it would be nice to have a bag to put it in, also.

Great Invention for a Bulky Problem

I used to decide whether I wanted to travel with my MacBook based upon whether I wanted to put up with lugging around their stupid, bulky power cord. After discovering the Side Winder, I don't have that problem any more. This item is unbelievably easy to use and easy to pack. I have been buying them for my friends with MacBooks too! Don't suffer any more, at least TRY IT!

everyone wants one

Took this to a board meeting and spent more time showing this to colleagues than working. Fabulous!

Convenient Cord Storage

This is a good way to keep my computer cord stored. It happens to fit perfectly into one of the pockets on my computer bag, so all the better...

Wonderful, clutter-saving, frustration-beating tool

Fuse is a Godsend! I used to have the power cord spilling all over my briefcase, tangling with the mobile phone charging cord, and completely cluttering up the space. Now, it's neat and tidy and easy to grab and transport. My only suggestion is to make it less brittle and less easy to pop open if dropped. I worry about breaking it if it falls on a hard surface, and when it does fall, it pops open and I have to reconfigure it. Not a big hassle given the other benefits, but it would be nice to solve. Overall, I am so pleased I bought two more for my wife and daughter!

So glad I got this!!

This thing is a life saver! I was fed up with stuffing my huge cable into my bag and it always being a mess. With the Side Winder, my cable is so easy to pack and I love that I only have to pull out as much cable as I'm going to be using. It was super easy to set up and I'm so glad I got it.