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Great but downfall

Does the job when using my MagSafe charger but winding and unwinding can get tangled and get loose.

Best cable management for my MacBook charger

I’ve tried several different products for cable management and the fuse side winder beats them all!!!!!

Works great

Does exactly what it promises. Instructions on the box also helpful. Recommended.

Organized Charger

Love this for my Apple Watch. Keeps the charger in place and organize. Would recommend for other Apple Watch users.

Love it

Awesome product, keep cords neat and clean

Best Cord Organizer

Keeps my 6ft cord compact and stays organized in my bag.

So tidy

My courier top is tidy so happy

Great organizer

Keeps earbud wires from constant tangle!

The Snap Back 18W/20W

Cleaned things up

This made setting up and breaking down my portable work station much easier. Also gave me more space in my bag as the profile of everything needed to charge my macbook is slimmer.

As described - nice and neat

The build quality is superb ! keeps my charger and cable nice and neatly organized. Highly recommended !

I love it!

Hoping it’s durable long term but so far so good! I would definitely recommend!

Fanataaastic with my M1 + iPhone

These accessories keep me organized. They are well-built and super simple to use. Awesome stuff!

Just what I needed

I have tried a few cord organizers over the years but the Fuse is now my favorite. I love that the Side Kick pops in and out for when it’s not needed to store the extra cable slack.

Nice little sidekick for MacBook Pro charger

I ordered three different Fuse products, and I have to say that the Sidekick for our MacBook Pro charging cord is really cool. It keeps the thin charging cord neat and out of the way, which is a real plus!

I love this charger, it makes it so much easier to charge my devices during class.

Tangled mess, No more!

As technology expands making our collective lives "easier", amassing the myriad of cords that accompany the various devices is a total headache! The Side Winder by Fuse truly cures that particular ill! Easy to setup, no bulk, no tangles, no fuss! Many thanks for a product that does indeed make life easier!

Clever product

Definitely recommend this missing M1 Macbook air power adapter component.

Where has this done all my life?

Awesome products.

Great Storage Solution

I love this. I have been on a kick with organizing and decluttering the many wires required for devices. The Fuse Reel was super easy to ensure it fit my charger and took maybe a total of a couple of minutes to wind up. I do not have to worry about the cords just flailing around where ever I store my charger. Also, winding up means I will not damage the wire coating and create a fire hazard (i.e. my last charger cord). I highly recommend this product.

Convenient solution for usually tangled charging cables.

Easy Carrying!

It's nice to have my charger all in one organized space now! I used to hate digging in my backpack and the wires getting caught on everything. Problem SOLVED

Awesome and conveneint tool!

Really easy to use and super quick to set up. Great storage and travel tool for the long charging cord!

Great Product

Really helpful and useful product. Would be interested in a button activated release version of the product in the future.

Works great! Best way to carry you charger

Great product, well made and a perfect solution for managing unwieldy charger.