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Love my Side Winder!

I have the Side Winder and the Fuse Reel. I love these.

needs design work

I bought 2 of these because I travel and need a convenient way to keep track of my charger, like everyone. However, The notches that are meant to hold the end of the cord are not in the right place. They could have measured or tested this. So it's awkward. Next, there is no way to easily hold it while trying to wind the cord. It is a great idea but it deserves more testing and development. I will use it but not love it.

Did not fit USB

Had to cut a small slit in the USB hole to fit my USB through!

It just wotks

It just works and provides an “neat” way to manage my cables. Worth the price.

Awesome product

Organization at its finest

Came back for more!

Ordered a sidewinder for my old laptop, and when I bought a new one, had to get a new sidewinder! Occasionally, the mechanism can get a bit stuck, but nothing a little finagling can’t fix! Def recommend to save space and easily bring your charger!

Beat organization

Great way to condense and organize your apple products

Great Winding, Less Great Unwinding

I bought this for my partner because she just got a new charger and I wanted to give her a good way to protect it. Unfortunately, while the sidewinder winds the cords up nice and neat, it gets tangled up to the point where you have to manually untangle and unwind each side of the cord every time you want to use the cord. Still relatively functional, but definitely disappointing. I’ve reached out to the company with no word so far.


These things are amazing! I bought a set for me and one as a gift. My husband immediately wanted some too. Wish you had these for Samsung chargers! They made my messy tangled cable/tech bag so nice and easy to find the cable I need. I highly recommend especially for those that travel for work!

So helpful! Now I don’t have a mess of cords for my laptop and makes it much easier to travel!!

Love This!

Took me a minute to figure out the reel because I didn’t read the instructions but once I did, it worked great! Keeps my desk area clutter free. It also came very fast!

Apple organization at its finest

Makes caring around my Apple products so much easier and they don’t tangle. Frees so much room too

Side Winder

Best item I have purchased by fuse! I have three of these and it’s sleek profile are perfect in taking little space in my backpack! Love love this product along with others I have purchased from fuse.

Apple Watch reel

The USB dent fit through the hole. So it is not useable.

Didn’t fit my Apple Watch cable.

I couldn’t use it with my Apple Watch SE cable. I just wish the site had been clearer about compatibility.

Side Winder Mini/Max - Headphone and Cable Winders

Great gift idea

My daughter loves her Side Winder!
Thank you for the quick service.

My stuff not arrived yet

I can't give feedback, my stuff not arrived yet :( ORDER #25664.
It has been 1 month now.

works well, easy to use, exactly what i ordered and arrived very fast.

These things are great!

This product is great and helps so much with wire storage and management.


Perfect for managing the charging cord

Great product

Does exactly as promised. Was looking for something to help me organize my headphones and this was perfect.

This thing rocks!

I grabbed a Side Winder to put in my hubby’s stocking for Christmas. It was a last minute gift that I knew he needed as soon as I saw it. He LOVES it! No more sprawling cord all over the floor or desk, and no more pile of tangled cord in his backpack. It’s such a great, compact storage tool.

Side Winder - MacBook Charger Winder