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Solves a problem very well

This device nicely contains the two wires from an Apple power brick in a compact, easy to deploy manner. Really impressed at the simplicity and detail in the Side Winder Fuse Reel construction. Works very well.

Overall very pleased

Love the idea and the problem it solves. Could be improved by a smaller profile and easier assembly.

The Missing Piece

Now on my fourth one of these — the first for me, still going strong after lots of heavy use, and the rest as gifts for friends and family. These things are a game-changer for portability, not to mention keeping vulnerable cables lasting forever.

The Real Deal

It seems like a small thing but it makes things just work smoother. Take out the lap top, tug on the cords and plug in. Just like that. Then, wind it up and put the cord away in one neat reel. No more bird nests.

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

What a change

The spinning handle is awesome! Works great!!!

Great product

Just want I needed to deal with protecting and packing my cord. Thanks.

Very slick and compact

From the moment I inboxed it I knew I would never have to deal with a knotted charger cord again! It’s been amazing having this little device. Super pleased with its performance and sleek design. Great job!!

VERY handy!

Bought 4 - 1 for my children with MacBooks & 1 for me. Love it! I take my laptop to rehearsals & this is VERY handy to put in my backpack, then take it out, pull the cord to the needed length & plug in. Great purchase!

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease


It does help but honestly it’s not as impressive as I had hoped or thought. Sometimes when you pull it open, it hangs a bit and you have to tug pretty hard.


Does exactly what it says and prevents the frustration that comes from having to untangle a cord every time you take it out of your bag.

Weighs too much

Although the cords are contained (could have better instructions) the added weight of the fuse reel is cumbersome and adds too much to my already heavy briefcase.

Just as described!

Simple, effective, and a true problem solver!

Wish I'd bought this 6 years ago

This thing is the best Mac accessory ever! Makes being mobile much easier since I'm not wrestling with this giant cord.

Awesome Product!

I only wish the USB-C charger cable was the same exact length as the other cable on the other end. Just kind of hangs off a little.

Great Product!

Everything about the Fuse Reel is great! I only have one mild complaint however. Sometimes when the coil is reeled up it becomes too "full" I would say and it is more difficult to unravel the coil.

A little disappointed!

For such a long time I have dealt with unruly charger cords, so when I saw the Fuse Reel I was thrilled. I immediately ordered it and it arrived within 2 to 3 days of my order! I followed the instructions and assembled the Reel with my MacBook Pro’s charger cord inside. Then came the moment of truth. Would it wind as easily as the video I had watched on YouTube? In a word....No. I have used it for a week or so and find it difficult to pull the cords out to use them and reeling them back in is still a chore. I have not given up! I love this product and I really want it to work. If you have any suggestions to make the cords move in and out of the Fuse Reel easier, I would be thrilled to have them. And...if I can get them cords to ‘behave’, I promise to upgrade my rating and write a stellar review!

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

Pretty awesome

Love it but did go back to our connector cord for m computer because the fuse reel didn't connect as well as I wanted it to. But love how organized my bag is now!

Really awesome! helps with the charger so much!

So happy I bought it! protects the cable protects the charge box! really happy I bought it! Wish you guys could sell it it shops in local places you would make so much money!

As described

Why didn’t apple in all their grandeur do this sooner?!?!! It is awesome.


I love this thing! Can't believe apple never put it out there! It is truly one of the top 5 accessories I have ever bought. Highly recommend.

works as intended!

eliminates the hassle!