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Poor customer service.

Great product. I’ve used the sidewinder for my last two MacBooks. I recently got the 16 inch MacBook with the 140w charger that doesn’t work with their current product. I’ve emailed them 7 different times to see if I could get an update or any information at all and have yet to hear from them.

All in all great product, just the customer service is garbage.

Please make a 160 watt MagSafe version

I used the Fuse Reel every day, it keeps my backpack well organised. I am a FileMaker developer who goes regularly to the customer sites. Recently bought a new M1 16 inch MacBook. I can always take the old power supply / Fuse Reel with me, but I really should use the new MagSafe one, because it's at the customer sites that the cable tripping accidents happen. Please design a new Fuse Reel, or at a MagSafe cable with flat connector, that would work as well.

Love the Fuse Reel, but it’s not MagSafe 3 yet

I loved my Fuse Reel for my old clunker Intel 16” macbook, but upon getting fancy new 14”s, I purchased a couple more for the new chargers. I saw “MagSafe” and thought “all right, they’ve already got them!” but then I received them and was somewhat disappointed to find that they meant MagSafe *2*, and now I’m holding on to these and hoping that they’ll supply a MagSafe 3 adapter for free at some point in the near future. Not returning them because they’re a great product and I’m sure I’ll at least be able to buy an insert later, but a bit disappointed.

Best Protection for your Power supply !

I own five fuse reels. Yes, FIVE !
I did a bit of research and the Apple brand power supplies use premium parts when compared to the knock off, and there are a lot of knock offs that look identical. There are a lot of issues that can set you back $90 for a new power supply. And I use for Macbook for live gigs, so I can rely on the added protection. I also purchased a product called The Cord Collar to protect the tips of the connectors. You'll never be sorry with this product.

The Snap Back 18W/20W

The Side Kick
Jacqueline Aldana

I liked it a lot and its very useful

The Snap Back 5W
Judy Holzman
Works great

Just what I was looking for to keep cords off of my counters and easy to get to when needed.

The Side Kick
Harold Oh
Awesome Cable Management!

The side winder I bought basically solved all my problems regarding cable management! It’s such a smart yet simple design that works exactly how it looks!

Love my sidekick!

Very impressive

I really like the quality of the reel. I was honestly surprised and will be buying more in the future!

The Snap Back 5W
Alexis Washington
The best Snap Back for your phone cord!

This is all you need for your phone chargers. Very practical and easy to store all your phone chargers when not in use.

Location Photographer

I’m in and out of multiple facilities numerous times per week. The Fuse Reel is a godsend. Within seconds I can have my cord wrapped-n-packed safely by in my computer bag!! Worth every penny and then some.


I absolutely love my side winder for my MacBook charger. It's very practical, easy to setup, puts the cords in it's perspective place, and I don't have to worry anymore about my tangled cords ever again. I will definitely be purchasing more side winders and other products that you guys offer.

You are my life savior.

Fusereel for Macbook Pro

Great reel to keep wires wound up. Very easy to use!!

Can't live without it, broke my first one and bought a replacement within 90 seconds

I absolutely LOVE my side-winder. Seriously, my first one lasted for years until I dropped it a little too hard and it cracked, but I immediately went and bought another one because the thought of wrapping my charger around the block and creating the crappiest snowball of all time depressed me. My cables are always organized and bonus: it keeps my cat from chewing through yet another $90 MacBook Pro charger. They are amazing and customer service has always been so helpful!

Side Winder Mini/Max
Janice McCartney
Love them

Finally can keep my cords untangled!

The Snap Back 5W
Scott Taylor
So, So...

These only work with the ORIGINAL size/length of iPod cable. Anything above that, will not work with these…. I bought 2 of them, and I made it work, but was disappointed that I couldn’t get the longer cable to work with it.

Fantastic Product - Prevents tangles and preserves wires

The Side Winder did an amazing job in wrapping the wires for quick and easy storage. It also preserved and protected the base of the wires at the charging box base by keeping the wires coming straight out from the charging box. I've used mine for years and never had any significant issue. Some of the old chargers that would come with the mini wire clasp occasionally made it cumbersome to wrap the wire, but I learned to move the wire clasp towards the end of the wire near the charging plug and this was barely an issue. The newer chargers, I believe, don't even come with the wire clasp anymore. My work just upgraded us to the MacBook Airs and gave us the 30W USB-C chargers. If they design a fitting for the 30W USB-C chargers, I plan to buy one in a heartbeat!

The Snap Back 29/30W
Travis Lehman
Best thing I didn’t know I needed

I love simple innovative things that solve problems. Fuse is now on the top of my list.

Side Winder Mini/Max
Michael Branton
Love these mini reels.

The more I have the more I need. Also, the right angle usb-c cable is a game changer.

The Snap Back 18W/20W
Enerio Pamiroyan
Well designed

A great way of preserving your charging wire from everyday use

Side Winder Mini/Max
Shelby Taylor
Pretty good but some improvements would make it GREAT

I bought two minis and one max. I like them all but would recommend two tweaks. First, more cable outlet holes along the rim which would make the wheel work with more varying cable lengths. I sometimes find that I'm left with 1" of cable that hangs out because it can't fully reach the next outlet hole. Second, It would be great if it was oblong instead of perfectly circular. Apple's corded headphones have that volume control bit that doesn't like to be pulled around the wheel. If the product were oblong, it would allow the volume control to lay flat inside and not put undue stress on the wire.

Overall handy for keeping USBC, headphones, and lightning cables wrapped up and tidy.

The Side Kick
Andrew D

This product work as it is!!!! Love to have it in other colors though.

Perfect product - Just need one for the new Macbook blocks!

This is hands down one of the greatest products I've ever purchased. I've been using mine DAILY since Nov 2019 (almost 3 years) and I have had ZERO issues. It has held up to a tremendous amount of beating, dropping, and winding. Additionally, it really just solves a problem so well - keeping a very long cable well managed at any distance. I have used it to charge my computer from 2 ft away all the way to the end of the charger's total length and it does it's job beautifully in both scenarios. I just upgraded to the new Macbook Air which uses a significantly smaller block and am HEARTBROKEN there isn't a compatible SideWinder. If one is developed, I'll be the first in line to buy.

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