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Not so sure

The add is a bit confusing! I was in the believe it fame with a cord! If I would have know it’s just a piece of plastic, I would not have ordered it!

Side Winder - MacBook Charger Winder

Love this

Way less anxiety dealing with technology

Snap Back 18W - iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Charger Winder

The Snap Back 18W - iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Charger Winder is a must have when traveling

Great Product

It is very easy to handle and very useful.


I know it is a spool, but if it was so simple, why hasn't anyone else done it? I love the FUSE line of products. These products take the headache of a tangle of cords away! My watch spool, my MacBook spool, and my power plug spool have saved me a lot of headache. Very easy to use and fantastic!

Cool Cords

I have always had issues traveling with my Apple computer cords. This product makes storing and travel so much easier with the Apple power cords. Thanks. Works great.

Side Winder Fuse Reel

Very helpful item!

Apple iWatch Side Winder

The Apple iWatch Side Winder is a must have when traveling !

Keeps Cables Organized

My charger used to take up so much space in my backpack and would always get tangled up. With the Reel all I have to do is toss it in my bag and it is ready to go pretty much whenever I need it. Plus it takes up so much less space that I can put it in smaller bags that wouldn’t have fit my charger before. I super recommend it for anyone that has to lug their MacBook charger around.

Snap Back 29/30W - MacBook Air and 12" MacBook USB-C Charger Winder

The Snap Back 29/30W - MacBook Air and 12" MacBook USB-C Charger Winder is awesome. It keeps the cables secure and organized !

Like the reel

The directions included were VERY poor. It took me a while to get it right!


The reel is very efficient. Keeps the wiring safe from being damaged.

Side Winder

I love it. Works great. Fast shipping

Just What I Wanted

I’m finally free of the mess!

No More Tangled Cord To Carry or Dangled Cord to Trip Over

The Side Winder Fuse Reel is easy to use. Don't skip reading the instructions. It's portable and compact. And, it keeps your work area free from the laptop charging cord that can trip you or occupy too much space. It's the product I've been looking for all these years.

Awesome product

Awesome product great for organization

Good design

Good design that will extend the life of your cable and charger..... I’m definitely buying one for my iPad charger

Side Winder Fuse Reel

The Side Winder Fuse Reel is an awesome product and keeps the cords securely coiled and neatly organized

Highly recommend Fuse Products

Perfect for Apple Watch

This does a dual job of being a cable organizer and a cool stand for the Apple Watch while its charging ... Amazingly simple and utilitarian ...


I love this product. My cords always tangle and then either drive me up the wall, end up damaged, or both. With this—no such problems anymore. Would recommend to anyone. A small price to pay to keep such expensive pieces nice for ages. Would definitely recommend!

Good product

The market definitely needed these

Great tool

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Bought three for the family, everyone gives a big thumbs up 👍🏻

Great for organizing this long cords!

Easy to remove the spacers my version did not need and insert the apple box to get one more mess in my room minimized!


Makes taking my cord from place to place so much easier! I don't know why Apple didn't think of it!