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Perfect for newer and older MacBook Pro charger bricks

I originally purchased two of these via the Kickstarter campaigns for a newer MacBook Pro's USB-C charging bricks. However, there's also an older MacBook in the house that has the charger with the beloved "wings" that pop out. Just recently, both wings broke off and I ordered another Side Winder Fuse Reel for that brick and it works perfectly.

Love it. Very convenient.

I have always keep my cords wrapped up neatly but now I can keep them together. Great product for a decent price.

Great product with horrible customer service

I purchased this as a gift for my husband after we had just been discussing how hard it is to wrangle the MAC chargers. It is a great product. Unfortunately the whole process is tainted by a series of emails back and forth with customer service that could serve as a model for what NOT to do as a company. I paid for expedited shipping so it would arrive on time and it did not arrive for a full week. All they did was insist that it was the fault of Labor Day- but I don’t believe the argument that a one day holiday would delay a shipment that extensively when I paid for 2-3 business day shipping. Regardless, the fact that they were willing to maintain that argument for 8 email exchanges shows that in their mind the customer is not always right. I was shocked at how insistent they were that they were in the right. Buy at your own risk and definitely don’t pay extra for shipping.

Works as advertised

Was surprised I needed to read the instructions because it looked so easy. My cord was quickly organized! Thanks!

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

Awesome and simple!

Easy to use, easy to set up, and durable. A great product for those who need to travel with their power adapter.

Cool gadget

Very slick, works as advertised. I carry both my MBP and my wife's in a backpack. The mail pocket was always a jumble of cables. This is much better!

What a problem solver!!

I generally would stuff my cord in a computer bag, and then pull it out a tangled mess. Even if I wound the one side of the mac cord, there's nothing to be done with the other... Until now! The fuse reel is a great example of fabulous design. It's no more complex than it needs to be. It's well made, works great. Easy to set up with the included instructions.


Love it and have ordered a second one for my daughter

So far, so good!

My Side Winder was delivered safely to me in Western Australia.
My MacBook has a 45W charger so I needed to use the enclosed 45W adaptor pieces. It was easy to remove the four 60W parts and replace with the 45W and also easy to wind on the MacBook power cord and the charger cable. The cable and cord are now tidy although the Side Winder does add some bulk to the whole unit and I’m not sure how I will manage packing for any travel at this stage. I usually travel with my iPad rather than my MacBook so it is not an issue at present. So “so far, so good”, thank you!

The Side Winder - Wind your charger with ease

Spool saves untold trouble

It looked good when I ordered it. It arrived with simple instructions and was easy to assemble to my existing power cord. It makes me wish I had this for all the years I've used Macs. Makes coiling and expanding INCREDIBLY easy. Absolutely love it. If you're tired of coiling by hand and wasting velcro straps, you DEFINITELY need this.


I love how compact it makes the charger to pack away or slide into a bag to take with me wherever o need to go!!! easy to assemble!!

Great Addition!

So much easier to keep my cords organised! Can’t recommend enough

So glad I found this!

I love this for 2 reasons! The first, for traveling, I used to just throw my cord in my luggage; it was so messy and annoying. The second reason is, when I'm using my cord at my desk, it takes up so much room and things are always getting wrapped around it. I'm so glad I found this product. It's very well designed too! Not cheap at all. Nothing bad to say...just wish I found out about it sooner!

Exactly as expected!

This product is a quality and innovative design. My cord is legitimately so much more contained and safer. As a teacher who moves around my school a lot, I am always throwing my laptop and its charger into different bags, and this has made the process so much easier. It is easy to use, though a little cumbersome at times when cranking up. The cord is fairly easy to pull out again, I am just clumsy with it. It is a great product and I highly recommend for any macbook user out there!

Awesome tool!

Forgot my power supply at home, because I don't keep it in my backpack so it wont get damaged. A friend lent me his and it was in this super cool, easy to use, easy to store, reel. I just had to have one, and now I do! Absolutely love this thing! Only thing I would say is I wish I would have known I needed to get a special cord for my power supply, so I could have ordered it at the same time and not had to wait a few extra days.... This was only true for my style of power supply, smaller ones don't need the special cable.

Love This Product!

For an organized programmer on the go, this Macbook accessory is a must own. Love it, easy, great design, and fixes a frustration with always having to deal with power cable storage and management. Already had 3 passer-buyers compliment me and ask where they can get one! Fantastic job Fuse!

TBE - The Best Ever

If you're tired of wrapping your charger up every single time so that you keep it neat and tidy don't even think twice, this is the best ever! Absolutely love it, compact and keeps it tidy and tangle free 24/7. No complaints at all, I simply love it and you will too trust me.


I bought this for my husband as a birthday present and he literally loves it. Thank you for making this product, it's so useful!

I wish I’d had this years ago!

Sometimes ideas come along which make you think “Yes of course! Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?” ... the Side Winder is such an idea. It’s beyond me why Apple gave up with at least having hooks on their chargers which you could wind the charging cable around, but for years there’s been NO way of neatly storing the charge / mains cables for Apple’s chargers ... until now!

Very well thought out and executed and worked perfectly from the first use - well done Fuse!

Best thing ever!

I hate tangled cords so when I found this I was so happy! Super easy to use, works perfect. Anyone with a MacBook needs one of these! Super affordable too and shipped so fast!


Works great. Easy and very neat. Glad I bought it.


It’s always a pain to get my cable properly stored in my bag without the cable expanding all over the place. With fuse it’s makes it easy to wind up and pack up when I need to and keeps the cable organized. Such a simple contraption but so helpful.