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Great accessory!

I work on the fly frequently, and grew tired of the tangled mess of cords in my bag. I didn’t know I needed the Fuse Sidewinder until I bought it! Every MacBook owner needs this!

Great product

Great product , highly recommend

Sidewinder good!

Sidewinder is great. Unfortunately, Apple no longer includes any of the cables that go with the power adapter when you buy a power adapter separate from. A MacBook. No extension cable. No USB C to USB C cable. Because why Apple? But the sidewinder itself is great. It’ll be even better when amazon sends the USB C to USB C cable I’m missing!

Very Clever Product

The Side Winder is great - very easy to deploy and wind back up again. It makes transporting your Mac charger super convenient. The only draw back is that you must use Fuse's USB-C cable because of the design of the reel... I would prefer to use the Mac's cable but it is not a deal breaker. I am still very satisfied with this product.

Best thigh since sliced bread.


Repeat Buyer

I loved my Sidewinder. I bought two when it was on Kickstarter and my friends and family loved it. I recently got a new MacBook with a different cord and needed a new on. My daughter is so excited as she now gets my old one.

Simple, effective & affordable!

I purchased 2 of the Side Winder Mini for headphone and USB-to-lightning cables and they work exactly as advertised. It's so nice to just throw one of these in my pocket or bag, knowing it won't end up a tangled mess. I definitely recommend this and plan to buy more!

Side Winder - MacBook Charger Winder

xmas gift

won't know until after Christmas! thanks!

Needs Refinement

Could be much better if there was a hook or latch for the MagSafe tip. That side of the power cord has a tendency to slide through the SideWinder when twisting the power cord.

Tames cables

Just what I needed for taming the untamable. It’s a little larger than I expected, but it’s perfect for what it does.


Makes like so much easier.

Great size, but no friction control

I'm pretty tidy with my cables, and for years have had two velcro ties on either side of my adapter. Got this because it was a slightly smaller package, and I love not having to undo ties every time. But the one complaint I have is that there's no friction control. So if you start pulling the connectors, it has a tendency to just unspool entirely. Sometimes, all I want is a little extra so I can plug in to the desk control strip, and I don't want both cables out entirely.

Love it!!

This reel has helped me so much in my private practice. This is my second one. My first one broke after a couple of months so I had to purchase another one. This is a life saver.

Love it!

Everything in the description is accurate - this accessory takes the terribly cumbersome Macbook power supply and tames it perfectly.

You Need This In Your Life

Serious cord management. Not only does it allow me to have longer cord easily available, but keeps it neat when traveling as well as in use. This should be an add-on when buying your Mac!

Great accessory

This is the accessory that nobody thinks that they need it but as soon as you install it and start using it your life becomes less messy

5 Stars!

Great product! Keeps my computer gear organized and compact. The only beef I have is that the stickers left a sticky residue on the sidewinder.

Great design! Maybe take it a step further.

For the price, I really like the design and functionality of this product. It is easier for traveling and keeps the cord neat. It would be great to see Fuse add a spring action to the mechanism. This would make the retraction function easier and faster.

Instant Hit!

I came home to find me Side Winder waiting for me on a pile of mail. As soon as I locked my charging adapter in place and wound it up, I laughed in pure excitement at how quick and SPACE-SAVING it was in my backpack.

Best instant/impulse online purchase I've made in a long time! 15/10 recommend.

Great products, cool people

I first found out about Fuse by their Kickstarter launch. It was a great launch & I was super happy for them. When they launched the "sidewinder" my life became so much easier. The product was so great I bought a second sidewinder. I can’t wait to see what else they are up to.


Great idea

Works as advertised. However the 90* cable they recommend is too thick and stiff to use with it.

This is genius. Love this

I can finally control my MacBook charging cables

Excellent tool

This is a great tool to keep cables organized